1. Connect to the Unit :

Connect with CLI directly on your Fortigate console port with a null-modem serial cable and use hyperterminal (ssh does not work)

- login with username : maintainer
- the password is      : bcpb<s/n>
where <s/n> is the serial number in uppercases.

As an example for serial FGT-502803034042 , use as password : bcpbFGT-502803034042

Please note that in v3.0 this operation must be performed within 30sec following a reboot.

2. Modify Admin Password

* on a 2.5 system :

set system admin username admin password <mypassword> trust
where <mypassword> is the password to set

* on  a 2.8 system :
Fortigate-3000 login: maintainer
Password: ********************
Welcome !
Fortigate-3000 $ config system admin
(admin)$ edit admin
(admin)$ set password <mypassword>
(admin)$ set trusthost1
(admin)$ end
Fortigate-3000 $ exit
Fortigate-3000 login:

Postalanma Zamani Thursday, 19 June 2008 23:30 GTB Daylight Time
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